HEP - Visit Red Star Museum

vrijdag 30 augustus 2024 09:00-15:00, Start: boarding place of the 'waterbus' at 'Het Steen'
  • Gladys TEN BRINK

On the authentic site of the historic shipping company on Antwerp's Eilandje, the Red Star Line Museum tells a universal story of hope, dreams and the quest for happiness, based on personal stories of 20th-century emigrants. 

Starting from the historical story of European emigration via Antwerp to America, we, together with visitors, witnesses and partners, encourage reflection and dialogue about migration in the past, present and future.

The Red Star Line Museum cherishes and preserves history and does so on the basis of personal stories of migrants. We connect their life stories with current social issues through recognisable themes.

The Red Star Line Museum is a place of exchange: multivoiced and unifying, authentic and topical, locally anchored and with international appeal.