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Sunday, June 5, 2022

The Public Image Committee (CPI) helps the clubs with internal and external communication and publicity, in order to properly convey the image of Rotary.

Our objective for Rotary's external communications is:

"Help shape Rotary's image as an organization that actually contributes to the betterment of society through well-defined actions and actions on the ground.”

Commission Public Image District 2140

Commission Public Image (club)


For clubs

  • We advise and assist in setting up public relations and a communication plan for the clubs in our district and for their actions/campaigns
  • You can find the Rotary Brand Center on the Rotary International website and specifically at There is already a lot of information and a design application to get you started.
  • Helps with hashtags and social media, suggestions (text/visual) and audiences
  • Helps and advises the CICO and the secretary with management of the POLARIS club's website
  • Promotes proper use of the logo and monitors Rotary's corporate identity, to be found in the Rotary Brand Center.



  • Supports the governor with various communication efforts in order to optimally spread his/her information in the district
  • Advises District staff and members of district committees on internal and external communications.

Commission Public Image (District)